Heel Cap Replacements

High heels, unfortunately, can be more delicate than women would like, and they can quickly wear down. While we handle leather dyeing, and sole replacement, we also offer heel cap replacements for women’s high heels. 

If your favorite pair of high heels are worn down, don’t throw them away! Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair has the experience and the tools to quickly replace your heel cap so you can be on your way.

Broken Heels

If you’ve ever broken a heel before, you know it’s not a simple fix. You can’t simply snap the heel off, and walk away like nothing’s wrong. When you’re dealing with a broken heel, or a missing heel cap, don’t keep walking on your shoes! Let an expert repair it for you!

When you bring your heels into Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair to have them fixed, you’re not going to a big chain location that seems to have someone new working behind the counter every few weeks. We’re a family run business that takes shoe and boot repair seriously. 

Your heels are in good hands when you bring them to Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair. Why entrust them to anyone other than experts?

We Are Boot & Shoe Repair EXPERTS