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Dye Work

Dye Work

Here at Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair, we offer a number of shoe services, and that includes dyeing services. Do you need your bridal shoes dyed to match your colors? Looking to change up the color of your boots? We can help! 


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Shoe Dyeing Services

With over 20 years of experience, the experts at Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair, it's safe to say that we know about shoes, and the dyeing process. We can help you pick the perfect shade for your shoes, and quickly dye them.

We don't just dye shoes, though, here at Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair. We can dye just about any leather, including purses and belts! Don't let just anyone handle your next dye job. Call the experts at Crosby Boot & Shoe Repair for the best results.

We Are Dye Work EXPERTS


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